Adult Acne Home Treatment – Addressing Acne Problems Among Adults

When people think about acne, most think of the teenagers and adolescence. We cannot fault them as many individuals who had this condition during their teenage years got past this acne phase by the time they enter the adulthood state. However, it might be surprising for you upon learning that there are still many who even upon reaching adulthood continue to be afflicted with acne. Yes, it is true that teenagers compose a majority of the acne afflicted population. Still adult acne, while not that prevalent, is a reality.

It is also apparent that like the teenagers, the affected grown ups are not only scarred physically by such health conditions, it is also true that negative social and psychological effects are occurrences that they suffer from. According to popular research and studies, acne is an increasing, if not worsening, problem within the adult populations in recent years.

For those who are bent on addressing the problem, many afflicted individuals consult with dermatologists and skin specialists for adult acne treatment. This is because they know that acne is likely to cause permanent scarring in adults because of mature skin and less amount of collagen. Of course, the social life of a sufferer is affected. They go out less frequently, avoiding close contact with people, even with close friends and family members if only because they fear being ridiculed because of their acne.

Some people resort to adult acne home treatment. This means that they depend on acne cure using the over the counter lotions and creams that are available widely in pharmacies and cosmetic sections of supermarkets and department stores. Even the natural products and ingredients, those found in your home kitchen, are used for treating the acne in grown-ups There is nothing wrong with this option, just make sure that the user would still ask for the advice of a dermatologist regarding the effectiveness of such anti-acne treatment product.

If there is a natural adult acne home treatment that can help in minimizing if not eliminating this health condition all together, it is the use of ordinary chemical-free (organic) soap and water to clean up your face thoroughly. You might be surprised how dirt and dust accumulates in our skin. And simple cleansing of the face everyday can be a great help in solving your acne problem.

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The Extended Family Home Is Making A Come Back

As the economic crisis maintains its grip on the UK, the only way many families can afford a larger house is to combine income with grandparents or other families have suddenly had to find an additional room for a grown-up child to move back in or for elderly parents to live in.

Whilst Shakespeare once said “Crabbed age and youth cannot live together,” many are now finding they have no choice. Three-generation house-holds are becoming the norm as financial pressures mount and sharing a home with the grandparents is the best option to optimise the property portfolio for the entire family and cut down on child care costs and care for the elderly. Close to 36 million people in Britain have now experienced sharing a home with another generation as adults and for around 3 million of those it was an arrangement that was long term.

It is anticipated that this trend will only increase. Elderly couples are often considering downsizing and using some of the money to help with schools fees for the grandchildren, now that money is being used to put down a deposit on a larger house for the extended family to all move into. And with Granny living in a part of the house, there is child care on tap, allowing both parents to work or providing enormous relief for a single mum or dad.

Mortgages are still fairly difficult to obtain in many cases, deposits are hard to save for and general living expenses continue to rise. Sharing the outgoings make financial sense. It is thought that the number of buyers now considering purchasing a property that has a separate wing for Granny wing is increasing by around 50% a year as more and more families struggle to pay for child care.

The trend is being seen particularly in the upper end of the market, especially in the commuter belt around London. Here there is a definite shortage of large family homes and with prices approaching a million for such a property, if there is the possibility to combine two budgets, you suddenly have access to far more on the market. The elder generation are often sitting on a large amount of equity in their own home, while the next generation struggle to make mortgage repayments on a modest sized property that can barely accommodate their growing family.

The concept of a ‘granny flat’ is nothing new and in the past three or even four generation family households were normal and larger country estates often had cottages in the grounds for widows to live in. But the growth in different generations now living together is being forced upon some by the economic situation. It is important that each generation has their own space as needed and it is also important to consider what will happen a few years down the line, when children leave for college and move out or the grandparents become the ones requiring round the clock care. And tailoring a property to your specific family arrangements could mean it is very difficult to sell on down the line.

It is also important to get proper tax advice before committing to any purchase. If possible a property with two separate entrances is better and it is better to go for a slightly larger property that needed if possible.

There is also a growing trend for middle aged people to suddenly find themselves caring for their older parents as well as their children and being sandwiched in-between, while another set of people over 50 are undertaking the responsibility of their own elderly parents as well as having to care for their grandchildren so the parents can go out to work. With a rapidly ageing population and shortage of care for the elderly the trend is likely to grow considerably.

One in ten young couples now live with one set of parents and many young adults have had to move back in with their parents after the breakdown of a relationship or loss of a job.

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Exploiting Seniors In Adult Family Homes – New Cottage Industry

Seniors are the fastest growing segment of our society. A baby boomer reaches 65 every ten seconds. Your whole life can be rewarded or not with great retirement years. It can go either way if you are not careful.

In my case, for example, I lost a pile of money in the dot com mess, got stuck with real estate-the fool safe investment-that was going down in value faster than I could keep up with and then more recently my once strong 401 k dwindled down over the years got socked with the recession.

Then throw in various and sundry big-time medical operations and medical procedures and you have a not very pretty picture.

I use that only as an example. I know that there are hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people in the same boat who are ill-equipped to face retirement financially and the prospect of finding a job is a pipe dream.

The stress of dealing with family members who are faced with finding a nursing home or a long-term care facility is daunting enough. The problems associated with those facilities are well documented.

Just three weeks ago the Inspector General of the Health and Human Services division released a study that showed 90 percent of all long-term care facilities have at least one convicted felon. That’s reassuring isn’t it?

The shortage of beds in these facilities and the increasing cost has led to another form of elder care senior housing. It is the most rapidly growing segment of this industry. These facilities are sometimes called assisted living facilities, personal-care homes, adult care homes, shelter care homes and others. They are basically private homes that can house seniors at a reduced rate compared to nursing homes

Texas A&M recently did a study that showed that according to a best estimate there are 50,000 of these nationwide offering 900,000 to 1,000,000 beds.

The study revealed, among other things, that the federal government does not regulate these facilities. It is left up to the state. The major barrier they discovered in all states that they investigated was a lack of resources to carry out their responsibilities-elder abuse was under reported.

They concluded “that unlicensed homes remained a serious, largely unaddressed problem. Let’s face it, there is a low priority given to elder abuse and neglect without the financial resources to investigate detect and resolve elder abuse issues.”

In a recent listing in the Seattle Times in the real estate section there was a listing for a home. The address of the home was a secret. Part of the selling price was the three seniors that lived inside. They provided for a fabulous income stream to a new owner. There’s no liability insurance required. No minimum amount of employees required and very few state regulations.

This leads to all kinds of abusive practices as you can imagine-a new cottage industry.

The best way to protect your loved ones when they are in a situation like this is to get a home hidden camera with a built-in DVR. They allow you to see what is going on when you can’t be there.

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